Why Are My Neon Tetras Fighting?

If you’ve found this post you’re probably starting to pull your hair out and asking yourself “Why are my neon tetras fighting?” There are many reasons that could be behind your neon tetras’ aggressive behavior such as stress, illness, hunger and as with many animals, mating can be a source of aggression too! The purpose […]

Will Angelfish Eat Neon Tetras?

Angelfish are popular among fish enthusiasts because they are beautiful and brightly colored. They are also easy to keep and rarely require special care. Angelfish are generally peaceful fish to have in the aquarium, but will Angelfish eat Neon Tetras? Angelfish are known to turn aggressive with smaller fish and eat them, including Neon Tetras. Angelfish […]

Why Do My Neon Tetras Keep Dying?

If you are finding yourself asking the question “why do my neon tetras keep dying?” you have my sympathy. When neon tetras pass away with seemingly no explanation, it can be distressing and stressful. Neon Tetra deaths can happen for a number of reasons. Some causes include poor water conditions, too small a tank, neon […]

Can Neon Tetras Eat Betta Food?

Bettas and Neon Tetras are very beautiful fish that any aquarium hobbyist would like to have. The color and grace of these fish, combined with the appropriate decoration, can result in an awesome aquarium. Many people think that it’s difficult to have both types of fish in the same aquarium, since Bettas have a reputation […]

Do Neon Tetras Lay Eggs?

Do Neon Tetras Lay Eggs? Neon tetras do lay eggs; when the female is ready to breed, she scatters many of her eggs for the males to fertilize. The eggs stick easily to plants since the eggs are adhesive – they are also transparent. Fertilized eggs usually take about 24 hours to hatch. When they […]