Do Fish Need Darkness To Sleep?

Do fish need darkness to sleep? Fish don’t really sleep in the way that we do. They do, however follow their own circadian rhythm – their physiology and behavior changes depending on the time of day. When it is daylight fish become more active, they move around and eat, when it is dark fish slow […]

Are Penguin Tetras Aggressive?

Penguin tetras originate from South America living in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Peru and Venezuela. They are a freshwater fish species which is popular among aquarists. If you are thinking about adding them to a community tank you may well be wondering “are penguin tetras aggressive?” Penguin tetras are a calm and peaceful […]

Can Angelfish Live In A Bowl?

Angelfish are beautiful fish that make great pets, they’re very popular and no doubt you will have seen them in many aquariums. If you are considering purchasing one you may be not be sure what equipment is needed and thinking “can angelfish live in a bowl?” Angelfish should not be kept in a bowl! Angelfish […]

Are Angelfish Schooling Fish?

If you are interested in Angelfish, one of the questions you might be thinking is “are angelfish schooling fish?” Strictly speaking, Angelfish are not schooling fish, however they do tend to prefer swimming and living in groups or pairs. The social structure of Angelfish is most similar to that of a shoal rather than a […]

Can Angelfish Live With Goldfish?

If you are wondering “can angelfish live with goldfish?” the quick answer is “no!” Angelfish and goldfish require completely different environments. Goldfish are fish that prefer cold water, they do not do well in warm water. Angelfish on the other hand, prefer warmer temperatures and don’t do well in cooler water. Even if they managed […]

What Do Rainbow Sharks Eat?

The Rainbow Shark is a freshwater fish that is often used in community tanks. It’s native to Southeast Asia, and it can live up to around 6 years. This article is going to look at the eating habits and diet of these beautiful fish. So, what do rainbow sharks eat? The rainbow shark is well […]