Can Angelfish Live With Goldfish?

If you are wondering “can angelfish live with goldfish?” the quick answer is “no!” Angelfish and goldfish require completely different environments. Goldfish are fish that prefer cold water, they do not do well in warm water. Angelfish on the other hand, prefer warmer temperatures and don’t do well in cooler water. Even if they managed […]

What Do Rainbow Sharks Eat?

The Rainbow Shark is a freshwater fish that is often used in community tanks. It’s native to Southeast Asia, and it can live up to around 6 years. This article is going to look at the eating habits and diet of these beautiful fish. So, what do rainbow sharks eat? The rainbow shark is well […]

Are Rainbow Sharks Aggressive?

Are Rainbow Sharks aggressive? Whilst rainbow sharks are not really aggressive by nature, they can be very territorial. If they don’t have enough space or if they feel like they or their territory is being threatened they will defend it and that is when you can expect to see signs of aggression!  Like with any […]

Best Tank Mates for Neon Tetras

Many fish enthusiasts have a hard time choosing the right tank mates to keep with their neon tetras. Some of the most common mistakes are trying to house them with incompatible species or not providing enough space for each individual in the tank. The best way to avoid these problems is by following this guide […]

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How To Care For Neon Tetras

If it is your first time handling a Neon Tetra, then I believe you might be nervous and curious as to how to handle these beautiful pets. Well, to be honest with you, Neon Tetras are easy to breed and take care of, but they can easily die off if proper care isn’t taken into […]

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Can Neon Tetras Live With Goldfish?

Can Neon Tetras live with Goldfish? The quick answer is no. It’s not recommended to keep these two types of fish in the same tank, as it isn’t optimal for their overall health – they require different tank conditions. In this article, we will go in depth on the right living conditions for both neon […]

How Many Neon Tetras In A 30 Gallon Tank?

Neon tetras are one of the most popular aquarium fish because of their breathtaking appearance and because they are suitable for expert fish keepers and beginner fishkeepers alike. Caring for neon tetras is relatively easy, as long as you have a good idea of their needs. And this understanding begins at choosing how many to […]

Are Neon Tetras Fin Nippers?

Neon Tetras are generally considered to be peaceful fish suitable for community tanks but are neon tetras fin nippers? Yes, Neon Tetras are notorious for nipping the fins of other types of fish, particularly those  with long, flowing fins which are easy to nip on. Although Neon Tetras prefer to live in a school of […]

Why Are My Neon Tetras Fighting?

If you’ve found this post you’re probably starting to pull your hair out and asking yourself “Why are my neon tetras fighting?” There are many reasons that could be behind your neon tetras’ aggressive behavior such as stress, illness, hunger and as with many animals, mating can be a source of aggression too! The purpose […]